Interactive Security

Security you can trust, on a platform that protects over 2 Million People.*

Skyline Security has been around since 1999, and we incorporated in 2004.  When we were looking for a partner to help bring our customers into the 21st century we went with  Their platform allows us to offer our customers the latest in home security and automation.  With over 2 Million Homes powered by We’re confident our customers will love the amazing features we provide.


*2 Million Customer Figure applies to total amount of users on platform, including customers from other Partners.

A dedicated connection matters.

Exclusive Crash & Smash Protection.

What is “Crash & Smash”

A crash and smash burglary is when an intruder targets the home’s security panel to prevent it sending an emergency signal. They ‘crash’ through the front door—the fastest method of entry – then ‘smash’ the security panel as fast as possible.

How We Prevent This:

Our System takes note as soon as the front door is opened. If neither a ‘disarm’ nor ‘emergency’ signal is received at the end of the countdown, your professional monitoring station is alerted and police are dispatched.

Proactive Protection

Our Smart Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors are proactive.  Instead of just making noise they alert the proper authorities. Tap on the boxes to learn more.

Smoke Detectors are good, our Smart Smoke Detector is better.
Smart Detection

Your first defense against fire is detection. What comes next is more important. Our Smart Smoke Detector will alert the fire department for you in the event of a fire.

This can make a difference between a close call and tragedy.

Carbon Monoxide AKA the Silent Killer is a danger in all homes. Our Carbon Monoxide detector offers better protection than a standard CO detector.
Smart Detection


Carbon Monoxide is the silent killer.  Odor less and invisible it easily accumulate in dangerous amounts within your home. Our Smart CO detector works 24/7 and alerts you as soon as the danger is detected.

Most burglars use entry and exit doors to commit their crime.  We make it a priority to monitor these vulnerable areas.

It’s not just about protecting you from burglaries.  By always monitoring your doors you can be alerted if your child walks outside, or opens a door they’re not supposed to.

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