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A company founded by someone just like you.

In 1999 CEO /Founder Edwin Arroyave began a partnership known as “B&E Security”.  Edwin and his partner would hit the streets everyday; knocking from sun rise to sun down.  Eventually the partnership dissolved and Edwin was tasked with growing the company on his own. By recruiting success driven individuals and focusing on taking care of his reps and employees, the company grew to where it is today.

Our Focus:

People First.

Not only do we make the latest and greatest sales tools available to our reps, but we also make sure they have fun by offering various competitions and incentives.

Our executive team constantly listens to feedback from our reps. This ensures that your needs are always being met.

The right people to help you grow.

Fredy Catota

Director of Year Round Development

Read Fredy's Story

I met Edwin Arroyave (CEO of Skyline) in 2012 when I had my own company. He thought I had a lot to offer as a dealer for Monitronics where, at the time, he was the top dealer. Later that year I became a Monitronics dealer and out of hundreds of dealers I instantly ranked in the Top 25 for both quality and quantity of accounts. I was later invited to be the key note speaker for the “Real Deal” at a Monitronics event called “Moni X”. That event introduces all new dealers into the Monitronics program. After my first year, I was invited to the Moni 1k Club trip in Cancun, Mexico for those who produce over 1,000 accounts annually. I was able to be with all the top producers of the dealer program.

Even with my own success I had seen as a Dealer, I began to realize that my passion was really in building sales teams and not the operations side of the industry. After much contemplation,  I spoke with Edwin about joining forces so that I could focus on building teams and I haven’t looked back. I can now focus more on building and on less of the day to day grind. It has been one of the BEST career decisions I’ve ever made since starting in the alarm industry. Being a part of Skyline has been very financially rewarding, even more so than being an owner of a top 25 dealer at Monitronics! Being able to grow within a company, utilizing its footprint in different states, having access to the newest technology, and the support of the administration that keeps improving, Skyline will undoubtedly continue to grow throughout the nation in securing and protecting families.

I am very excited for the growth that is happening at Skyline, and being an essential part of it makes it even more rewarding. When I think of where I came from and the hard work I have invested I see continual growth here. It’s easy for me to commit to furthering my career as a part of Skyline Security Management.

Culture that spotlights our Reps.

Join a company with consistent growth.

Skyline Security has experienced double digit growth for the past 5 years.  While we are proud of this expansive growth and being featured on the Inc 5000 List of fastest growing companies, we prioritize consistent and stable growth.

Earn 50% More.*

On Average we pay 50% more per account than other companies.

Pay rates that leap over the competition.

Don't settle for low pay, we know your job is tough and we compensate you accordingly.

A word from our CEO.

“My commitment to all of you is to make you proud of the Skyline brand so much that you bleed the Skyline colors! We are building you a work place that when you wake up in the morning you want to go to work because it’s fun, competitive, challenging, and at the same time you are learning how to become team leaders, managers, and some day business owners!! Remember to follow these 3 principles in life – Do what’s right, Do your best, Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

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